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Micro Wax (111)

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Micro Wax (111)

The best quality of industrial-grade Micro Wax (111) is manufactured and supplied by us. Large array of Micro Wax (111) is provided by us in pastilles, slabs and liquid forms. Other forms are also offered on special requests of customers. We offer duly checked Micro Wax (111) for to our customers in customized packaging options at discounted prices!

Highlights :

  • Micro Wax is basically used in different applications such as additives for adhesives, laminating, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fiber luster etc.
  • Micro Wax possesses special features of hardness and high melting point.
  • It is crystalline, brittle, translucent and fibrous.


Specifications :

Drop Melting Point ASTM D127-63 : 80-90 oC
Congealing Point ASTM D938-71 : 75-80 oC
Total Acidity (mg of KOH per gm) IS-1448-2 : 0.5 Mg Max
Penetration ASTM D5-73 : 10 Mm
Flash Point IS-1448-P-21 : 260-280 oC
Ash content ASTM D482-80 : 0.03 % Max
Colour ASTM D-1500 : 0 to 0.5
Oil content ASTM D-271-68 : 1-2 % Max

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